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Work Bench System
Stay informed! The new Tablet Holder 8 and Tablet Arm 8 with double pivot arm are mobile solutions for keeping important information close to hand. Thanks to a built-in spring mechanism, they can hold tablets in sizes from 7 to 13 inches. Tablet Holder 8 can also be rotated steplessly 360° to allow switching between landscape and portrait format.
See clearly! Distortion-free magnification up to 190 percent and bright illumination are key features of the new LED Illuminated Magnifier D160 . The latest LED technology supports ergonomic, fatigue-free working practices.
Precisely positioned! The five item Pivot Arms are now available with a preassembled Height Adjuster. These carefully coordinated sets simplify assembly work. What’s more, they offer an easy means of adjusting the working height of the Pivot Arm on a vertical Line 8 system groove.

Product Order No. CAD data Enquiry
Cordless Driver Holder 8 0.0.690.11
Plug-in Adapter with Kink Prevention ND 7.2 0.0.691.00
Tablet Arm 8, 5 Joints 0.0.689.72
Tablet Holder 8, 3 Joints 0.0.689.82
Toolpanel Double Pivot Arm 8 695 0.0.690.37
Toolpanel Pivot Arm 8 370 light 0.0.690.21
Tool Holder 8 0.0.691.59

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